Best Practices



  • Benefits of Living in Saskatchewan – En  Fr Arabic  Dari  Pashto Ukr
  • Benefits of Living in Rural Saskatchewan – En
  • Welcome to Canada and Your New School – The Newcomer’s Guide to the Canadian School System – En
  • Saskatchewan Schools and Youth Program Opportunities – En
  • Activity Guidelines Manual – Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) – En
  • SAISIA Event Planning “How To Manual”  En
  • Settlement Services Toolkit: Promotional toolkit to inform newcomers about Free Settlement Services available to them [Credit: IRCC] En-n-Fr
  • Toolbox of Ideas for Small Centre SPOs [Credit: The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA)] En    
  • Care For Newcomer Children [CNC]: A Step-By-Step Guide for New Programs En
  • Refugee Sponsorship Training Program: Information and Resources En-n-Fr
  • Evaluating Migrant Worker Rights in Canada 2018: Provincial Report Card, Saskatchewan  [Credit: Canadian Council for Refugees] En
  • Vision 2020: Immigration Levels Plan 2018-2020    [Credit: CISSA-ACSEI] En
  • Mental Health – Tips For Parents And Guardians [Credit: Saskatchewan SWIS and Canadian Mental Health Association] En-n-Fr  

Best Practices

  • Board Governance: Guides, Samples and Tools towards building a strong and effective board [powered by Imagine Canada] Learn more
  • Board Governance Training: Roles and Responsibilities of the Board  [powered by Volunteer Manitoba] Learn more
  • Childminding Monitoring, Advisory and Support (CMAS): Online Learning En
  • Change Makers: Tools, Techniques and Strategies for Community-based Research [powered by University of Regina, Summer Institute] Learn more