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Benefits to joining SAISIA

Long History

SAISIA was established in 1987 as an umbrella organization of immigrant serving agencies across Saskatchewan.


Its mandate is to provide an association by and through which its members can work towards addressing the needs of immigrants, the agencies that serve them, and the larger community which welcomes them.

Strong Relationships

SAISIA has forged strong relationships with key stakeholders over the years and has undertaken several successful initiatives: the “Living in Saskatchewan” handbook, Intake and Assessment process and procedures manual, Client Complaints Resolution Mechanism, participating in the development of Enhanced Language Training (ELT) and input to the Prior Learning Recognition and Assessment (PLAR) project.

Learning and Development

Through its annual forum, conference, and learning events, SAISIA provides professional development and networking opportunities to members and stakeholders. This leads to successful collaborations including the recent language training learning event, a settlement integration summit, the partnership with Alberta Association of Immigrant Settlement Agencies (AAISA) for training accreditation for individuals working immigrants and refugees.

Facilitation & Coordination

With support from other member agencies, SAISIA helps in coordination of service and program delivery in the province and facilitates information exchange between member agencies and related associations.

Championing of Concerns

The activities of SAISIA include identification of trends, common challenges, and promising practices in the field of immigrant settlement and integration and seeking united solutions and championing of common concerns and objectives to federal, provincial, and municipal governments, the community, and the public at large.

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