Board Of Directors

Michael Pelletier works in Southeast Newcomer Services as a settlement Advisor. Michael believed that working with a newcomer who is moving from another province or country is a wonderful opportunity. Originally from the island of Mauritius work as a Restaurant Manager Michael move to Canada 15 years ago to come as a production worker in maple leaf food in Brandon Manitoba. Choose to make southeast Saskatchewan his home city he moves to Estevan 11 years ago and worked in the oil patch for a couple of years, and in December 2021 hired by the Southeast Newcomer in the new position that he is in right now. Currently a student with Robertson college for an online course on E-commerce diploma. Involved in a couple of voluntary Michael are an active Board member of the chamber of commerce, a board member in the Art and Galley Museum, and a member of the Rotary Club of Estevan Choosing to bring his ideas and help that why in the communities that why he chooses to work in the southeast newcomer and do voluntary work to help our city grow.