Sector Reports

  • Final Report PNT Summit 2021 – En   Fr
  • Settlement Workers in Schools during COVID-19 Repor – En
  • Saskatchewan Recommendations – Royal Society of Canada – Supporting Canada’s COVID-19 Resilience and Recovery Through Robust Immigration Policy and Programs: En
  • 2021 SAISIA PNT Summit – February 23rd, 24th, and 25th – Final Report – En
  • SAISIA Small Centre Conference Report 2019 – 2020 – En
  • Report: 2nd SAISIA Annual Integration Summit (Sept 5-7, 2018) –  En  and  Fr

Presentation Deck: 2nd Annual SAISIA Integration Summit (September 5 - 7, 2018)

Day 1 Presentations

  • Service Mapping [IRCC] En and Fr
  • Service Mapping [SK Govt]  En
  • Service Mapping [SAISIA]  En and Fr
  • Call for Proposals (CFP) 101 [IRCC]   En and Fr
  • National Settlement Council Update [IRCC + SAISIA]  En and Fr
  • Community Typologies [IRCC] En and Fr
  • Community Typologies [SAISIA]  En and Fr
  • Moving Settlement Forward Together [IRCC]  En and Fr
  • Moving Settlement Forward Together [SK Govt]  En 

Day 2 Presentations

  • Cluster Update [IRCC] En and Fr
  • Overview : Language, Youth, Community Connections, Labour Market [IRCC]  En and Fr
  • Youth Summer Program Evaluation [SIA]
  • Settlement and Integration Vision [IRCC]  En and Fr

Day 3 Presentations

  • System Approach to Sustainable Community Impact [André J Lalonde]  En and Fr
  • Newcomer Well-being [Dr. Judy White] En and Fr
  • Equipping Cross-cultural Counsellors [Dr. Funke Oba] En and Fr
  • Newcomers Organizational Best Practices for LGBTQIA+ [OCASI and Rural SK]  En and Fr
  • Working with Individuals with Disablities [John Loeppky] En and Fr
  • Foreign Credentials – Asset or Liability [Din Ladak]  En and Fr
  • 1st Annual SAISIA Integration Summit (November 7-9, 2017) Report:  En and Fr
  • 2017 Annual Settlement Sector Survey Report:  En and Fr
  • 2017 Saskatchewan Small Centre Needs Assessment Report:  En
  • 2016 Syrian Refugee Resettlement Initiative: Lessons Learned ReportEn