Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Syrian conflict has resulted in the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time. It's been five years since the onset of the civil war in Syria and there is no end in sight. Today, there are four million Syrians who have been forced to leave their country, and it continues to grow (The UN Refugee Agency). SAISIA is taking action through the Saskatchewan Cares campaign.


The Saskatchewan Association of Immigrant Settlement and Integration Agencies (SAISIA) is the umbrella organization of immigrant and refugee serving agencies across Saskatchewan. Established in 1987, SAISIA provides leadership coordination for stakeholder consultation and engagement, professional development; information exchange and networking, sharing of promising practices, services and program delivery, service and program delivery and championing of common causes and objectives to different levels of government and local communities. SAISIA has a total of 19 members (view membership list).

The SAISIA in partnership with its members, private sponsorship agreement holders and United Way Regina and United Way Saskatoon and Area initiated the Saskatchewan Cares campaign to:

  • Educate and mobilize the people of Saskatchewan
  • Provide a central coordinating point for the various efforts across Saskatchewan
  • Direct Saskatchewan people to local organizations they could support through cash or clothing, food, household items or volunteering their time to support refugees as they continue to make Saskatchewan their home, and perhaps in greater numbers
For a list of agencies that provide services for refugees, and those sponsoring refugees
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Syrian kids

Despite the deprivation,
there is a place for happiness

Declarations and good intentions do not feed the starving and they do not shelter refugees.

Learn more about the situation and what you can do to help:

  •  Learn
    Information and tools to help you get involved.


  • Listen
    Meet refugees who have now settled in Saskatchewan.

  • Engage
    Join forces with one of these reputable organizations that are working hard to protect and advocate for refugees in Canada and around the world.

  •  Give
    Contribute locally by helping one of the organizations making a difference here in Saskatchewan.



Established in 1987, SAISIA serves newcomers by providing Saskatchewan settlement and integration agencies with access to professional development and opportunities to network, as well as links to professional resources they can use to enhance their internal procedures, and client programs and services.

A founding member of the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance (CISSA-ACSEI), SAISIA is the national voice of immigration and settlement agencies to the federal, provincial and municipal governments, the community, and the public.

Vision & Mission

Vision: Excellence in Settlement and Integration Services in Saskatchewan

Mission: To support agencies in offering services for immigrants and refugees while engaging stakeholders and representing Saskatchewan Settlement Agencies nationally

Core Values & Guiding Principles

Service Excellence: SAISIA works together with its member agencies to ensure excellent quality is provided within its services and activities. (Detailed in Article 6 of its bylaws).

Collaboration: SAISIA works openly with its member agencies, as well as provincial and national stakeholders, leveraging its collective strength to ensure beneficial decisions are made for the SK settlement sector and newcomers to SK.

Client Centeredness: SAISIA ensures its focus and mandate remain on newcomer clients to the province. This is achieved through the support and development of its member agencies.

Proactive Leadership: SAISIA has the courage to shape a better future for newcomers to SK by making decisions that are grounded in correct principle and in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws with the primary purpose of serving its mandate.

Interculturalism: SAISIA believes interculturalism is the integration of different cultures within a society that acknowledges the differences, yet its foundation is formed on the interchangeability of cultures that will create a diverse and unified society.

Accountability: SAISIA holds itself transparent and responsible for the decisions it makes that affect the organization and its mandate.

Respect and Dignity: SAISIA values respect and dignity, whereby all decisions and actions reflect ethical behavior, diligence, honesty and compassion as we support each other to achieve our goals and outcomes.

Engagement: SAISIA believes in strategic outcome focused community conversations to facilitate learning and meaningful change.

Diversity: SAISIA believes in embracing the rich dimensions of diversity within all individuals, as we work together in an atmosphere that promotes and celebrates the benefits of our differences and similarities.


In an effort to promote the Vision and Mission of SAISIA as an umbrella Organization, the Goal of SAISIA is to enhance Leadership Coordination and Advocacy on behalf of settlement agencies in Saskatchewan, developing and maintaining strategic sustainable plans in furtherance of the said Vision and Mission.

World Refugee Day

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