Hello gentlemen and ladies.

My name is Abdul Aziz Daoud. I’m from Sudan, west region. We were living in a small village called Kojo. In 2004, Janjaweed came to our village to attack us in the morning before people woke up from bed. They were killing and taking our property. They even burned the village. My brother was killed by Janjaweed that day. So, we moved from there to Mostera because Kojo was not safe for living. We came to Mostera and started our new life over there. In 2011, the government said those people who came from the village must go back to their village. The chiefs and the youth said, “We are not going back there until the place will be safe,” and they started arresting the people, but we don’t know where they were taken to.

My father was a chief of the block so the government came to my father’s house and they said “You should go with us.” He said, “No. I’m not going with you because you people arrested many people and we don’t know where they are.” When he asked this question they started to beat him up and shoot him and he died. My mother came to my house and she was crying and she said, “The government came to the house and killed your father. Maybe they will come here. You have to hide yourself!” She hid me and they came into my house and searched for me everywhere, but they couldn’t find me and they left. My mother called me out and I came out. Then, she called my wife and other family. She said to me,

“You have to leave this place. They killed your father and they are looking for you. You must leave this country you can go to any country that is safe for the life.”

So I had no choice. I left Sudan in 2011 and went to Chad. I met someone and told him my story. He said, “Don’t talk any more about this story here. Some people are here they are taking back those people who are coming from Sudan.” He said if you like you can go to Ghana. There a lot of Sudanese as refugees there.” I went to Ghana. I registered at the U.N office. Then my wife and children came join me in Ghana. We spent 4 good years in Ghana before we came to Canada. So, we are very happy to be in Canada to start our new life. We just arrived last month.
Thank you so much.

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