I’m Daw Khin. I came to Canada with help from, UNHCR. I was in a refugee in Malaysia because it wasn’t safe for us to stay in Myanmar since I am not Bhuddist. I was there until a year and 6 month ago. People told me to fill in an application. I took it to the office.

After 3 years, they phoned me on my daughter’s cell phone and told me a time and date for an interview. I had the interview and then waited. One month later, they called to say I was accepted. After 6 months I went to Malaysia office for an interview with Canadian Immigration. They asked about my history, my family, my problems, and why I needed a new country. Six months later, they said I could come to Canada. They told me a date and flight number. I flew to Canada. Now I live in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. I started learning English in Multicultural Council School.

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