Hi! I’m Shakir. I lived a long time in a refugee camp in Pakistan because there was a war between Russia and Afghanistan. My family shifted to the camp in Pakistan when I was about three years old. It was a difficult life in the camp. There was no good drinking water, no food, and no hospital for health problems. There was no good school and no good work system.

My parents died when I was five years old and my younger brother and sister and I stayed with my father’s brother. His wife was not kind to us.

After I was eight years old, I started school, but the school was a one and a half hour walk from the camp. The school had no playground, not many books for reading, and nothing for writing. We had wooden slates that were hard to erase. Life as a refugee in Pakistan was difficult. My story is very long but today I am just writing a little.

Now I’m very happy. My children’s story is very different. They go to a very nice school. They are learning well. They can play and stay healthy. My whole family is happy to live in Canada. We are thankful to the Canadian government for their help. Thank you for welcoming us. My heart is Afghani, but I love Canada.

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